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Spring 2019 M.Div. (Hybrid)

Spring 2019 M.Div. (Hybrid)

Spring 2019 BBS (Hybrid)

Spring 2019 BBS

BUS 101 Introduction Business

Discussion Questions

Week 1:  Perfect competition market

 What do you think is the pro and con of the perfect competition market such as the U.S. compared to the government-controlled market such as China/Russia?

Week 2: Corporation social responsibility 

Do you think corporations are responsible for well fair of the citizen (i.e., Corporate Social Responsibility)? Or is the social responsibility duty of the government?

Week 3: Form of business organization

If you are opening a new business, what form of organization would you prefer? Explain why.

Week 4: Global Market

More firms engage in international business. What would be the benefits and problems of expanding your business global?

Week 5: Managing the business

What do you think is the most challenging part of managing people and business?

Week 6: Centralization or Decentralization of management

Would you prefer the centralization of management or decentralization of management? Explain the reason.

Week 7: Total Quality Management

What is your understanding of the Total Quality of Management? Do you agree with the concept of TQM?

Week 8: Motivating your employee

How would you motivate your employee (assuming you are the entrepreneur) for better performance?

Week 9: Leadership

Do you think leaders are born with their positive traits, or they have trained and educated themselves to become leaders?

Week 10: Human Resource Management

Do you think the successes of the business/corporation are due to the quality of their employee or the quality of the management?