Recte Tractantem Verbum Veritatis

About VACU

The President’s Message

Dear Students,

In every generation, God calls his people to “make a difference” as they know and live according to the Scripture. Virginia Christian University is committed to providing a quality Biblical education that integrates the truths of our Lord God’s Word with all knowledge. Upon the basis of this commitment, the mission of Virginia Christian University is to provide Christian Higher Educational Programs to spiritual and intelligent students who are serving the church in order to fulfill the great commission. The vision of VACU is to provide the best training possible for the people who are preparing for the gospel ministry at the church of our Lord Jesus Christ.

One focus shapes our approach to theological education: equipping students with academic and practical tools that will enable them to fulfill the primary calling as ministers of the Word, to preach and teach the gospel for the expansion of the Kingdom of Lord Jesus Christ.

Through VACU’s education, you will be specialized in a professional program and earn an approved degree. I strongly believe that you will never regret your decision to receive your education at our university.


Cordially in Christ,


Dr. Thomas Rhee

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