Degree Programs at VACU

Virginia Christian University offers Bachelor of Biblical Studies and Master of Divinity to prepare our students for the ministry God has prepared for them.

Bachelor of Biblical Studies

VACU currently offers one major (Biblical Studies) in its undergraduate baccalaureate program. The purpose of the Biblical Studies Degree (B.BS.) is to equip men and women to form a Christlike mind to influence the world for the Lord Jesus Christ through acquiring fundamental knowledge of the Old and New Testaments, of Christian doctrines and history, of various practical areas of Christian ministries, and of methods for further biblical and theological studies.
There are ample career opportunities for Biblical Studies graduates including most of the following Christian service categories:

1) Pastor (usually after the completion of a M. Div. degree)
2) Preacher
3) Missionary
4) Minister of Youth
5) Minister of Children’s Program
6) Counselor
7) Church Administrator
8) Bible Teacher for Christian Schools


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Master of Divinity

Graduate Studies of Virginia Christian University offers the Master of Divinity program, whose purpose is to train students in the Word of God and to train them to become faithful ministers in the Church of Christ.

More specifically, the program equips students with the Reformed worldview, trains them to correctly interpret God’s Word, nurtures them to grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, help them to be skillful at applying the Word of God in every area of ministry, and to become “all to all” in the context of the life and the culture of the congregation.

The program requires three years of full-time study and is designed to provide a basic professional foundation for the entry-level pastoral position within the Christian ministry. The graduate will acquire the professional competence necessary for serving as a pastor, missionary, chaplain, campus ministry director, associate pastor, ministry-related counselor, evangelist,
religious-subject instructor, or similar professions.


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Faculty at VACU engage students not only academically or pedagogically, but also spiritually and morally for the Glory of God.

Meet our Faculty

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