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Academic Calendar

   Virginia Christian University’s academic calendar is conditioned on a two-semester basis with the first semester concluding prior to Christmas and the second semester concluding in the early part of June. Each semester is 16 weeks long. Virginia Christian University conducts abbreviated summer and winter sessions in addition to the two regular academic semesters for an opportunity of students to advance in their programs.

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Grading System

Grades and grade points of VACU are assigned as following the 4.0 grade point system and requiring a 2.0(C) average for graduation. Grades and their interpretation are as follows:

Grade Percent Range Interpretation Grade Points
Very Good
Above Average
Below Average
Work Acceptably Done
F < 59 Failing 0
I Incomplete
W School Withdrawal
R Repeated Course
WP Withdrawal while Passing

Incomplete Grades

Incomplete Grades

Students may be granted an incomplete grade “I” when they are unable to complete the necessary course assignments or exams (midterm and/or final). Incomplete Grade “I” must be made up within the 1st four weeks of the subsequent semester to change the incomplete grade(s). Incomplete grades, when not corrected within the above established time frame will be converted to “F” grades.

If the instructor who issued the “I” grade is no longer on the faculty, the determination of completion of the needed work shall be made by the Academic Dean and may be assigned to the instructor who is currently in charge of the course. A student with an ‘I” grade who misses the scheduled date for completing the missing work (test, exams, etc.) shall receive a failure (F) grade for that course.


Students with recurrent incomplete grades (semester after semester) shall be placed on academic probation until these incomplete grades can be corrected. Students with incomplete grades for three consecutive credits can be subjected to academic dismissal from VACU. Students with incomplete grades shall be notified of this Regulation in writing by the Registrar.

Make-Up Exams and Course Repeat

Make-Up Exams

The opportunity to sit for a make-up exam is a privilege given to all students with valid excuses. The administration and faculty realize that certain circumstances may prevent a student from being present on the day of midterm or final exams. Students can petition for a make-up exam by filling out a Make-Up Exam Form located at the Registrar’s office. The Make-Up Exam Form must have the approval of the Academic Dean and must show that the student have paid for the Make-Up fee in the amount of $50.00.

The approved Make-Up Form must be presented to the instructor when taking the Make-Up exam, so that the instructor can process the grade or change the “I” grade by submitting the Make-Up Exam Form to the Registrar with the indicated grade change. After the receipt of the Make-Up Exam Form, the Registrar must check for:

  1. The approval of the Dean.
  2. The payment of the Make-Up fee.
  3. The new grade as provided by the instructor.
  4. The signature of the instructor.

After processing the Make-Up Exam Form, the Registrar shall file that form in the appropriate student’s file for future reference. At any given quarter a student is not allowed to have more than three (3) Make-Up exams.

Exam Retake for Failing Grades

Student with a “D” or an “F” grade may petition the Academic Dean for the privilege of retaking the exam to replace the “D” or “F” grade, provided the student complies with the following criteria:

  1. A student cannot petition for a Retake Exam if the student has two or more courses with a “D” or “F” grade.
  2. A student can only petition for a Retake Exam if the student’s final course grade is within 10% of the passing grade (63% to 69%) for the course with the “D” or “F” grade.
  3. A Retake Exam can only be taken during the five (5) weeks following the final exam week in which the student received the failure grade. Any special exception must be approved by the Academic Council. Failure to show up for the established date of the Retake Exam will result in a failure grade for that exam.
  4.  Students who elect to retake the exam and successfully pass this exam may only receive a highest grade of “B.” The original “F” grade shall remain in the official transcript but will not be counted in the grade point average. However, if the student fails the Retake exam, he/she shall receive a second “F” grade to be recorded in the student’s transcript. The student shall be required to retake the course again in its entirety for a passing grade.
  5.  Application to take a Retake Exam should be made through the Registrar’s Office.
  6.  Students who fail the Retake Exam cannot petition for a Retake Exam.

Repeating Courses

A student may retake a course for the purpose of improving a grade only if a grade of “D” or “F” was earned previously. Such a request must be approved in writing by the Academic Dean.

The last grade earned shall be used to determine credit for the course and in the computation of the student’s grade point ratio, although the student’s record will list the course and grade each time it is taken. This policy applies only when the student completes the course.

Should a fourth course be retaken, both grades for that course will be computed in the grade point ratio. Students who fail a course twice is permitted to taken third time without permission from the Academic Dean and the professor concerned of VACU.

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