Academic Dismissal

Dismissal from Class

1) Student may be dismissed from class for an adequate cause deemed by VACU. Students dismissed have the right to appeal the decision to the Academic Regulations Committee within 48 hours.

2) Before a student being dismissed from a class, the professor must have given prior written warning to the student that the student is in imminent danger of dismissal. If the student is later dismissed, written notification must again be given. Copies of the notices shall be sent to the Academic Office and the Office of Student Services.

3) If dismissal from a class causes the student’s course load to fall below that required remaining in the dormitory, the student may petition the Dean of Students to modify this requirement. Appeals may be made to the Professor Committee of VACU.

4) A student who is dismissed from class in the Winter module or Summer module will be required to vacate the student room within 24 hours following appeal verdicts. Faculty members dismissing a student from a class during the Winter module or Summer module are required to notify the Dean of VACU of their actions immediately by telephone.


1) By regulation of federal education.

2) By the school regulation.

3) Student fails to attend for more than four weeks of the semester without permission of VACU.

4) Student does not register a course for two months.

5) Student does not return to the school after the student asks for a leave of absence.

6) Student receives 3 warnings related to educational matters set by the school regulation.

7) Student gains admission to another school without permission of VACU.

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