Withdrawal Policies

Withdrawal from Courses

Students may withdraw from courses (see Add and Drop) during the first two weeks after the classes begin without affecting their grade point average. Students thereafter are required to obtain a permit from the Academic Dean to withdraw. Withdrawal from enrolled classes after the first two weeks with the proper withdrawal procedure will result in a ‘W` grade recorded in the official transcript. A student can withdraw from a class by the following procedures:

  1. Make a request to withdraw by using an official Withdrawal Request Form.
  2. Obtain the signature of instructors.
  3. Submit the completed Withdrawal Request Form to the Registrar’s Office

No withdrawals are permitted during the final three weeks of instruction except in cases such as accident or serious illness. An ‘F’ will be automatically entered in the grade report if the student does not attend the final three weeks of class without being excused. All withdrawals must be requested by completing the Drop Form. Oral requests, whether by phone or in person, are not accepted and will not be acted upon.

Withdrawal from VACU

Students wishing to withdraw temporarily, but who wish to be considered as continuing students, must first obtain an approval from the Academic Dean. The following procedures must be observed by the student:
(a) Notify the Academic Dean or the Registrar the intent to withdraw by completing and submitting the Withdrawal Notice Form.
(b) Clear all outstanding debts with VACU.
(c) Students who submit their Withdrawal Notice Form and has a refundable amount of their payment such as paid tuition shall receive their refunds within thirty (30) days according to the refund policy from receipt of the Withdrawal Notice Form.

Students who fail to register two consecutive semesters, without the Academic Dean’s approval, will be automatically withdrawn from VACU.

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