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The undergraduate program at VACU, the Bachelor in Biblical Studies (B.BS.), prepares students for further study in seminary or graduate school. The student is given opportunity to take advanced language courses usually required for entrance into VACU. This program gives students exposure to many areas of ministry in church or mission. A broad range of courses provides the basic preparation needed for ministry.

Program Objectives

VACU currently offers one major (Biblical Studies) in its undergraduate baccalaureate program. The purpose of the Biblical Studies Degree (B.BS.) is to equip men and women to form a Christ-like mind to influence the world for the Lord Jesus Christ through acquiring fundamental knowledge of the Old and New Testaments, of Christian doctrines and history, of various practical areas of Christian ministries, and of methods for further biblical and theological studies.

There are ample career opportunities for Biblical Studies graduates including most of the following Christian service categories:

  • Pastor (usually after the completion of a M. Div. degree)
  • Preacher
  • Missionary
  • Minister of Youth
  • Minister of Children’s Program
  • Counselor
  • Church Administrator
  • Bible Teacher for Christian School

Program Outcomes

All students in the Bachelor in Biblical Studies(BBS) program will be able to:
(1) Biblical and Theological Development: Students will promote a thorough knowledge of the Bible, theology, and the skills related to the acquisition of spiritual truth for expansion of the Kingdom of God. Students will foster a learning community that encourages academic and intellectual proficiency through knowledge acquisition, informed discussion, and personal research, with the goal of developing lifelong learners.
(2) Evangelical Development: Students will have skills and knowledge and networks of relationships to pursue vocations that engage the mission of God globally.
(3) Spiritual Development: Students will develop a Christian worldview and lean to apply biblical truth to their personal lives, ministry, and contemporary moral and cultural issues by power of God the Holy Spirit.
(4) Practical Ministry Development: Students will be equipped to use their biblical truth and skills to others in one’s family, church, and neighborhood.

Program Requirements

The BBS requires satisfactory completion of 120 units as outlined in the curriculum with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00. It requires three (or six) hours of supervised field education. The curriculum offers students the most vocational flexibility and is the focus of our placement efforts. The curriculum may be completed in four years, although many students take five years due to family, church and job responsibility.
The maximum time limit for completion of the B.BS. is six years. Courses taken more than seven years prior to the completion of this degree may be credited toward the degree only by specific faculty approval. Such approval may include instructions for re-examination or additional study.
Besides the required courses, any course the student takes will be considered an elective course. Students can choose classes from General Education and Major Courses in order to fulfill their elective requirement. The flexibility of electives within the major will enable students to design a program in line with their ministry objectives as well as their personal interests.

Graduation Requirements

The coursework in Biblical Studies is intended for students to be well acquainted with biblical contents to have a grasp of the major doctrines of the Bible and to grow spiritually.
The Bachelor in Biblical Studies degree requires 120 semester units which consist of 36 units of general education, 60 units of biblical/theological studies and ministerial courses, and 24 of units of electives and Field Ministry. VACU confers degree on those students who have fulfilled the following conditions:
(1) Completion of the program offered by the University with a grade point average of 2.0 (C) or above. A minimum of 48 credits must have been taken at VACU.
(2) Evidence of dependability and progress in Christian ministry as mutually evaluated by the directors of student ministries and of the candidate’s chosen program.
(3) Approved Christian character as evidenced by stability, maturity and corporation.
(4) Approval of the faculty and board of trustees.

Course Requirements

Overview of the Degree Requirements

Students enrolled in VACU for any degree program are required to participate in Christian service ministries for each academic semester specified in the program of study. Students are encouraged to choose a variety of ministries to obtain a broad background of experience and to discern the areas of their special capabilities.

Degree Plan

All courses are 3 semester units unless otherwise noted. All candidates for degrees must meet these requirements to graduate-120 Credits:

General Education Courses 36 Credits
Department of OT & NT 21 Credits
Department of Church History 9 Credits
Department of Systematic Theology 12 Credits
Department of Practical Theology 18 Credits
Field Ministry 3 or 6 Credits

Curriculum Recommendation

or 15 Credits electives in General Education as part of the 36 Credits.

EN 113-I English Composition (I)

  • EN 114-I English Conversation (I)
  • HI 224 History of U.S.
  • IL 127 Introduction to Information Literacy
  • MATH 110 Survey of College Math
  • PH 100 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PS 126 Introduction to Psychology
  • BUS 101 Introduction to Business
  • HI 225 World Civilizations(I)
  • SO 100 Introduction to Public Communication
  • SO 220 World Religions
  • SO 223 Sociology

OT AND NT BIBLE – 21 Credits
or 12 Credits electives in OT & NT as part of the 21 Credits

  • OT 200 Survey of OT
  • OT 307 Pentateuch
  • OT 309 OT History-I (or II)
  • NT 200 Survey of  NT I (or II)
  • NT 309 Synoptic Gospels
  • NT 311 Acts of the Apostles
  • NT 413 The Epistles of Romans

Electives – 21 or 18 Credits.

  • PH 103 History of Western Philosophy
  • MI 200 Introduction to Missions
  • OT 306 Genesis
  • NT 310 Gospel of John
  • TH 311 Doctrine of Salvation
  • NT 412 Pauline Epistles
  • ED 407 Teaching and Learning Methods

or 6 Credits electives in Church History as part of the 9 Credits

  • HI 201 Church History I or II
  • HI 303 The Reformation
  • HI 402 Church in the Modern Age

or 9 Credits electives in Systematic Theology as part of the 12 Credits

  • TH 200 Introduction to Doctrine I or II
  • TH 305 Doctrine of God the Son
  • TH 307 Doctrine of three Persons in God.
  • TH 303 Westminster Confession I or II

or 15 Credits electives in Practical Theology as part of the 18 Credits

  • ED 220 Introduction to Christian Education (Or ED 407 Teaching and Leaning Methods)
  • PA 401 Sermon Content and Application
  • PA 403 Pastoral Care Practice
  • PA 402 Christian Worship
  • PA 404 Ministry Leadership
  • BC 200 Introduction to Counseling

Field Ministry– 3 or 6 Credits
or Students can elect course from other field Course

  • FM 101 Christian Service
  • FM 201 Field Ministry




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