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HI 201.  Church History I (3 credits)  

A survey of the major developments in churches from apostolic times through the Medieval Period. This course gives special attention to documents of pivotal interest to those developments and considers the drifts from Biblical simplicity and the separatist groups who tried to restore it.

HI 202.  Church History II  (3 credits)   

A continuation of Church History I from the Reformation to the coming of Modernism. This course gives attention to the parallel development of Protestant and Reformed traditions.

HI 301. The Ancient Church (3 credits)   

 From the close of the apostolic age. The church and the Roman Empire; ecclesiastical organization; development of theology and dogma; Christian life and worship.

HI 302. The Medieval Church (3 credits)   

  A survey of the period to about the year 1500. The growth of the power of the papacy; the rise and development of monasticism, scholasticism and doctrinal controversies; mysticism and the mystics; popular piety and religious life; the demand for reform.

HI 303. The Reformation (3 credits)

 A broad survey of the movement as a whole. The conditions which prepared the way and the forerunners. The leaders and the environments in which they worked. The revolution in the message and methods of the church.

HI 401. History of Christianity in America (3 credits)

This course designed to survey of the religious history of North America from the arrival of the Puritans until the present. Colonial religion and theology, frontier revivalism, 19th century evangelical “united front,” the rise of the religious liberalism and neo-orthodoxy, African-American Christianity, the religious impact of the Vietnam War, the relationship between church and state, and the contemporary American religious diversity.

HI 402. Modern Church History (3 credits)

The change in intellectual background which developed in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The claims of reason; pietism; the evangelical revival. The conflicts and attitudes of the present day.

HI 403. History of Korean Church (3 credits)

A study of the Korean church history from its beginning to the present. All the major periods and incidents will be discussed. Emphasis will be on the development of the Presbyterian church, but other traditions, including the Pentecostal movement will also be discussed. Particular attention will be given to the theology of the early American missionaries and their educational policy, the Korean church, the church under the Korean dictatorship, Min-Jung Theology.

HI 404. The Major Sects of the Korea (3 credits) 

 In a seminar, format students examine the lives, communities, and document of the Sects of Korea. Attention is given to the historical contexts in which Christian mysticism took from, found expression, and has influenced in seminar sessions

HI 405. History of Presbyterian Church in America (3 credits)

This course designed to survey of the History of Presbyterian Church and Calvinism as Reformed theology in America from 19th century to present day.

HI 406. English Puritan Ethics (3 credits)

 A study of the English Puritans’ application of God’s Word to both personal and social ethics in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Special consideration will be given to the handling of cases of conscience by such figures as William Perkins and William Ames.

HI 407. World Religions (3 credits)

This course designed to study of the major religion of mankind. The origin, basic concepts, influence, and present status of each religion will be studied, and the religions will be compared and contracted with each other and with the Hebrew-Christian religions and Korean religions.

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