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Admissions Policies

Equal Opportunity

Virginia Christian University does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, age ,handicap, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and other school-administered program.

Provisional Acceptance

Applicants who transfer from an unaccredited institution,
who do not meet the admissions criteria, who have not met the admissions test
requirements, or who have not completed the admissions process may be granted
provisional acceptance. In such cases the conditions and time limitations for
full acceptance will be stipulated. When the requirements are met, the
provisional status will be removed. Except for extenuating circumstances, the
time limitations placed on provisional acceptance will not be extended.

Application Process

Submit Application

An application should be submitted in accordance with the instructions printed on the application form. A nonrefundable application fee of $ 30.00 should accompany the form. It is recommended that high school students apply early in their senior year and that all students complete this application process by July 1 of the year of enrollment.

References and Forms

Upon receipt of the application, the student will be sent the reference forms, health form, doctrinal statement and financial aid forms. These should be distributed to the proper persons and returned VACU as soon as possible. When a delay in acceptance is experienced, it is often because all required information has not been received by the Admissions Office.

Essay Questionnaire

Fill out the essay questionnaire (include any letters of explanation) and remember to sign it.

VACU Doctrinal Statement

Read and sign our doctrinal statement saying that student will respect VACU’s views even though student may not agree with some of them.


Complete student name on both of the reference forms and have the appropriate people complete each form. One form must be completed by your pastor, youth pastor, or church leader. The other reference form must be competed by a teacher or employer. Both references must have known you for at least one year.

Standardized Tests for Incoming Students

Take either the SAT or ACT exam for B.A. course, and have a copy of your score sent directly to VACU. Most local high schools administer the ACT or SAT test, which may also be taken by nontraditionally aged students. Visiting students and auditors may not be required to submit ACT or SAT scores; a) Percentage of freshmen in the top 20% of high school and college class. b) Freshmen average high school and college scores. c) Reading and English writing skills of freshmen. d) Result of test of Scripture and Theology, Church history, Vision statement of students.

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