A student who has left a program of study at VACU for more than two consecutive semesters will be considered for reentry only after submitting the Returning Student Application form and current Pastoral Reference to the Admissions Office prior to the opening of the current semester.

The application may be found on the Web site. Additional letters of reference and/or an interview may be required. Students who are readmitted to VACU must meet all criteria in effect in the current catalog. Those who have been admitted from VACU for academic reasons are readmitted on a case-by-case basis. Such decisions are made by the Academic Dean and/or Student Dean who take into consideration the following criteria:

  1. A “Statement of Intent” field by the student which indicates a renewed commitment and desire to pursue studies and the means to be used to achieve academic goals.
  2. Satisfactory records of subsequent educational work at other colleges. Attendance at VACU is a privilege and not a right. The Administration reserves the right to dismiss any student who does not comply with the purposes, requirements, and regulations of VACU.

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