Library Service


The Library shall be considered a major educational department of Virginia Christian University. The role of the Library shall be to enhance VACU’s objectives and to promote learning as well as to promote the discovery of new knowledge. The Library organization and administration must permit and encourage the fullest and the most effective use of available resources, including the Internet.

Pyhsical Facility

The physical facility of the Library shall contain adequate space for housing its resources. Administration of those resources by staff must be accompanied by comfortable quarters and furnishings to be used by the patrons. Provisions shall be made for two (2) years of anticipated growth. Seating capacity shall be provided for a minimum of twenty (20) percent of the full- time student body and ten (10) percent of the full-time faculty and research staff.

Library Hours

The hours of access to the educational materials on the shelves, to the study facilities of the Library, and to the Library staff shall be consistent with reasonable demand, both during the normal study week and during vacation periods.

Current Library Hours

  • Mon – Wed: 9 AM – 8 PM
  • Thu – Fri: 10 AM – 5 PM
  • Sat & Sun: Closed

Use of Library Resources

The use of VACU Library’s resources is a privilege extended only to persons associated with VACU. This includes registered students, faculty and staff of VACU, and Alumni members of VACU.

Lending Procedures

The Library shall publish Lending procedures to allow fair access to the educational materials housed at its facility. The Lending procedures shall include, but are not limited, to the following:

  1. Check-out procedures
    1. One (1) week cheek-out time for educational materials time during a semester.
    2. Two (2) weeks check-out time for educational materials time during break periods.
    3. Limitation to ten (10) educational items for each check-out request.
    4. Items with no check-out privileges: Reference textbooks, Audio-visual materials and any other designated items.
  2. Renewal Time (Period)
    1. One week renewal period per check-out allowed
    2. Maximum three (3) consecutive renewals allowed, unless a recall notice was sent out
  3. Overdue Fine
    1. An overdue fine of fifty (50) cents per day, per item checked-out will be charged for all library materials checked-out by students, faculty and staff if not returned by the due date.
    2. Unpaid Overdue Fine(s) shall be reported to the Director of Finance for entry into the student’s account.
    3. Individuals with repeated and unpaid Overdue Fines (more than three) shall be denied further check-out privileges.
  4. Loss and Replacement Fee
    1. In case of a loss of educational item borrowed from VACU Library, the borrower is subject to a Replacement Fee comparable to the costs of replacing the lost item, inclusive of shipping costs and appropriate sales tax.
    2. lf a borrowed educational item is severely damaged upon its return to the library the Librarian may impose the borrower with a Replacement Fee, as indicated above.

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