Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Student Orientation

VACU offers student orientation each semester for new and continuing students to provide information on school life, policies, regulations, faculty, administration, and the surrounding community for the upcoming semester.

International Students

The needs of international students studying at VACU are unique and thus require additional attention. VACU recognizes that these students need more help than local students in adjusting to college life. Although the university does not operate dormitories, ample housing is available nearby.

Student Fellowship

Every student enrolled at Virginia Christian University is a member of the Student Fellowship. The student activity fee funds the student activities. The Student Fellowship seeks to stimulate prayer and the sense of community among students by organizing bi-annual mountain prayer meetings and praise meetings on campus.

Student Clubs at VACU

VACU encourages the formation of student clubs that will be beneficial to the students academically and emotionally. Friendship and fellowship among Christians can be soothing to the soul, promote a spirit of cooperation, and boost the desire to continue the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. We, therefore, encourage the clubs that abide by our Christian values, ethics, and spiritual life. Examples of such clubs are: Mentoring Club, Book Club, Short-term missions Club, Bible study Club, and clubs relevant to field work.

Worship and Spiritual Life

Students enjoy a variety of opportunities to enhance their spiritual development. It is expected that all students will regularly attend and be involved in a local church.

Virginia Christian University holds Revival Meetings at the beginning of each semester. There are chapel services for students every Monday. Chapel services feature worship, as well as messages by the members of the faculty and other Christian leaders. All students are expected to attend chapel. In addition, to assist the spiritual nurturing of the student body, the Student Government Council arranges the Prayer Meeting during the semester. The worship services and other opportunities that of spiritual nature are intended to complement the instruction and spiritual growth students receive in the classroom.

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