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Work-study / Student Assistantship on Campus

Student Employment Opportunities on Campus

    Whenever possible, VACU shall provide employment opportunities for the VACU students on campus who are at least in their first semester. The maximum number of hours that a full-time student is allowed to work on campus is 20 hours per week for any given week. The hours worked beyond 20 hours per any given week will not be compensated; however, students without any academic assignments may work up to 30 hours per week during semester breaks. This includes the aggregate work in all VACU departments. Likewise, students may not be scheduled for work on campus during the same time they are scheduled for academic assignments. It is the responsibility of the student to follow these rules.

    Student employment opportunities on campus are considered an educational experience and will be provided only in the form of a VACU Work Study and/or Student Assistantship. The payment will follow VACU Policies and Procedures. The payment for student assistantship will be in the form of tuition credit only. Excess credit balances on the tuition account may be credited toward future charges or refunded to students at the end of each Semester. No part-time or fulltime student is eligible for hire by the VACU as an “employee” in any of its employment classifications. Regular employees of the VACU, who formally obtain the permission of the President for limited enrollment and program study on campus, are not subject to these Procedures.


Whenever possible, the University shall establish work-study programs which will help to defray educational expenses while providing work experience. To be eligible for this program, a student must be enrolled at least one-half time according to VACU Policy and Procedures.

Work-study Approval

Students on Work-Study programs are allowed, to work up to 20 hours per week during the semester. It may exceed up to 30 hours per week during the vacation. The students must request, in writing, for an increase in the working hours by submitting a request to the Dean of Students for approval. If the request for increased hours is approved such approval shall be filed accordingly.

Approval / Termination of Student on Work-study Program

The approval of Work-Study Program shall be determined by the Dean of Students. There must be a job description for the open position on file before a student can be approved for the Work-Study Program.

The notification for work shall be provided by the Personnel Manager student’s supervisor who is responsible for the area of the student’s work hours. The student is responsible for reporting their time card to the Director of Finance. The evaluation of the work performed by the student shall be done by the supervisor who has assigned tasks for the student.

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